The Company

Il Baglio Paola

Immersed in the green of the Belice Valley and near Selinunte with the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean lies Baglio Paola. A place where time seems to have stopped. A place that was purchased by the family Seidita back in '85. The beam was a noble family castelvetranese, it is said that it was the summer residence of a princess.
An estate of 10 hectares of land with more than 4000 olive trees grown and cared for by the family since long ago.
Always linked to the passion for their territory, the family Seidita inherits the cultivation of olives from the Greeks with traditional techniques of processing the product symbol of the Sicilian rural landscape.
From the greek ελιές (olives), which has always been a symbol of peace and prosperity perfectly reflect the conception of nature and beauty that the company Eulivò wants to convey to consumers
That's where the idea of creating a place where you can enter into symbiosis with the Sicilian rural landscapes while enjoying the traditional products. Surrounded by a variegated vegetation in the heart of the estate, a large courtyard and a restaurant with reception room that have maintained the elegance of a baroque style where you can live and spend unforgettable moments.
Baglio Paola is not simply an estate, but it is the love for its land, the passion for the work and the nostalgia for the past.

The Restaurant

Inside the estate stands L'Arte del Gusto, an elegant restaurant where you can try traditional Sicilian dishes. With a rustic decor and large spaces, it is the ideal place to spend moments with the people you care about, enjoying the nature that surrounds it.
A reception room with a capacity of 200 people, where you can celebrate the most important moments of your life, with a large window that shows the magnificence of the vast expanses of olive trees.

The birth of the EULIVO brand

The Brand was born from the union between the name of our first son-in-law "Eugenio" and the plant symbol of peace in the Sicilian tradition. EULIVO' was in fact born from the fusion between his name (Ευγένιος: "well born") and the name of the plant symbol of the entire Mediterranean basin. It is with innate passion that we, two young entrepreneurs, dedicate ourselves to our work as producers of high quality extra virgin olive oil and table olives. Merging tradition and innovation, we never give up the genuineness of our products, their unique characteristics and their high nutritional value, guardian of a healthy model, symbol of a correct and balanced diet.

Nascita del brand

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