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the "Paola Homestead"

In the heart of the Belice Valley there is a site which expresses a great heritage of memories and culture: the "Paola Homestead" which was the late XVI century summer residence of an antique noble family of Castelvetrano who recieved it as a gift from the royal family of Spain.

The homestead and the countryside around it belong to our family: Seidita family. On ten hectares of land there are more than 4000 olive trees all planted and cared for by us with love and attention, all of the same cultivar Nocellara Belice. Every year, in the months of September and October, we harvest our olives entirely by hand picking when they are still green.


A millenary tradition

"EULIVO" rises an a picturesque land not far from Selinunte, an ancient colony of Magna Grecia of the seventh century B.C. Olive cultivation was inherited by the Greeks and then it became more and more practiced.

Already in the ancient Selinunte the olive tree was considered a symbol of peace, wisdom and prosperity according to the many uses to which the oil was destined. Olives represent today, as they have represented in the centuries, an inseparable component of the agrarian landscape of Sicily not only under the landscape aspect but above all for its notable influence on the economic and social level.


What's the meaning of EULIVO brand

Our child Eugenio inspired the name of our brand. EULIVO in fact was born from the fusion between his name (from the Greek Eu-genios: "well-born") and the name of the plant symbol of the whole Basin of the Mediterranean. With innate passion we, two young entrepreneurs, devote ourselves to our job of producers of high quality extravirgin olive oil and table olives.

Putting together tradition and innovation we are always faithful to the genuinity of our products, to their unique characteristics and to their high nutritional value, symbol of a correct and balanced diet.


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